After a visit to a local market on Mother’s day, little Miss Possum had the choice of a pony ride, a hot chocolate or her face painted. Guess which one she chose. Since that day she’s been obsessed with face painting. It started with a dry paint brush, she’d paint my face with pretend paint and I would paint hers. I […]

I’m a creative person, I can sing, I can dance and I can draw. I’m lucky really, I have a bunch of little talents, none that could ever bring me close to a professional level though (bummer!) but something is better than nothing, right? When creating the cake for Miss Possum’s first birthday, I thought I’d be fine with it. […]

Que Ambient background music: OoooOOoOOooo Now that I’ve set the mood… A while back, when I was still breastfeeding the twins in the lounge room, with lights dimmed so I could only just make out the outline of the bouncers on the floor in front of me, my skin prickled. My eyes darted fearfully around […]

*I’m not pregnant with twins anymore. They are now 20 months old. Here’s another look back at the emotions I was experiencing during my twin pregnancy. Once I’d had some time to get used to the idea of having twins, I decided I needed to do some research on the challenge I was faced with. I spent several […]

Click, click, scroll, click, click. Like. Scroll. Scroll. Click. Like. It’s pretty boring on here today. I went shopping 2day and got the bestest shoes ever! Enter. Yep, that’ll do, they were pretty awesome shoes. At least they’ll have something to read now. Tap, tap, tap. Click. Refresh. Hmm, no likes yet but it’s only been […]

She was startled awake by the sound of a trolley being pushed through the hospital hall outside her room. It was still dark, but it’s never completely dark in a hospital.  She froze, a dream coming back to her, hard and raw. She glanced over at her twins, wrapped snuggly in their plastic cubes. She […]

Haven’t read part one? Click here before you read on. Melissa took a step back toward her children, almost as if she was trying to distance herself from the situation. A commotion outside the hospital room told her that more nurses stood outside the door.  Even if there was a good explanation for the girl in […]

As she slid back into consciousness, she wrestled the sheets and hit the bars of the hospital bed. A nurse would be in soon.  She vaguely remembered them pumping milk out of her breasts last time.  She didn’t even know they could do that while someone was only semi-conscious. Was that all she was to […]

Her heart filled with warmth as her first born shuffled backward and sat in her lap. Gabby’s little arms were tucked tightly against her sides and she wiggled in gently for a closer fit, for a connection only her mummy could provide. All was quiet except for the pages being quietly turned and the rhythmic […]

She looked down at the almost half empty bowl in front of her.  Oh no, she’d eaten most of the toddler’s lunch. How did that happen? She’d only eaten a couple of spoonfuls. It was so good she couldn’t stop.  What was she going to feed them now? The thought of spending the afternoon with […]