Ghostly Apparitions and Unworldly Prickles

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A while back, when I was still breastfeeding the twins in the lounge room, with lights dimmed so I could only just make out the outline of the bouncers on the floor in front of me, my skin prickled. My eyes darted fearfully around the room, and I swore that some ghostly apparition was about to show themselves to me. I squinted into the darkness and then… nothing. Surely, if there was a ghost in my house, it would show itself in the middle of the night, amid silence that was complete save for the clock ticking in the other room. It didn’t, and to be honest, I was relieved.

Ghosts and the paranormal have always fascinated me. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve gotten myself so worked up by horror movies and You Tube videos of paranormal activity that I’ve had to sleep with the light on! Am I a believer? Perhaps. I’ve never officially met a ghost but I do get a skin-crawling sensation when I’m in a place where I think ghosts may reside.

One of the more frightening experiences was the ghost tour at Port Arthur, Tasmania. On top of viewing the eerie penitentiary by lamp light and walking into a basement used (in those days) as a place to disembowel dead bodies, the guide informed us that there’s a type of ghost that can hurt you. The poltergeist can actually inflict pain and pressure on your body. I barely slept a wink for the next fortnight!

I did have a small episode in our last home that can’t be completely explained either. I woke to find myself paralysed in my own bed, my arms crossed over my chest (nope, don’t usually sleep that way) and heard the drawer next to me fly open with force. Of course, I tried to convince myself at the time that it was my puppy (impossible, since he was just over the size of a tennis ball back then). Fortunately, my husband also heard the loud noise, so he didn’t think I was completely insane. There were no other unworldly stirrings after that so it must have been the wind … right?

Incidents like this have inspired a plethora of legends and myths. Ghost stories litter our cultural history, from campfire tales, to the apparition of Hamlet’s dead father, to Moaning Myrtle of the Harry Potter series. Why not enjoy the feeling of raised hairs, clammy palms and goose pimples.

So, have you met or experienced any ghostly visions or feelings? Come on, scare me!

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  1. Historically I didn’t believe in ghosts, but that changed when my kids and I thought there was one living in our house. Not only could we often hear footsteps when there was no-one to be seen, doors closed on their own and one area of the house felt skin-prickly eerie. Our suspicions were increased one day when a prospective buyer was shown through the house, and stopped to ask my son if it had a ghost! Certainly a strange thing to ask… we reckon she must have felt it too! True story. :-)
    Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..For Ben, on his 21st birthdayMy Profile

    • Yikes that’s more scarey than what I’ve been through. I guess they didn’t buy the house then?

  2. OOOO NICE ONE! I love the waking up in the bed paralysed story!! I know it would have been scary but I also love horror stories. You read my previous one last year :)
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  3. Oooooh, Penny! Now I’m going to run and hide under the covers!!! I hate ghosts and anything scary like that because as much as I don’t want to believe in them, I think they exist!!!
    I remember going on an overnight school trip back in Grade 4. We went to a place that was apparently haunted and I’m pretty sure I saw a shadow. It freaked me out!!! I couldn’t sleep for the next couple of weeks either!
    I’ve heard about the Port Arthur ghost tour. We went there last Easter…in broad daylight. There was NO way I would’ve gone at night. Eeeeeks!!!
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – The Bow Chica Bow Wow EditionMy Profile

    • Yeah Port Authur was one of the scariest moments of my life but I’d do it all over again to get some goose pimples. Although maybe not, I’m much more precious about sleep these days (due to the kids) so perhap I wouldn’t risk it this time.

  4. I love all the paranormal stuff too – it completely freaks me out, but I just cant help myself. I got totally addicted to that show Most haunted bust the music freaked me out more than the actual show. I have always wanted to go on a proper ghost tour too, but I have this horrible feeling that something my follow me home lol xx
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  5. Gawd Pen, now I’m not going to sleep a wink tonight!! And it’s full moon!!! I’ve got a few stories and experiences with ghosts, all have left me very respectful of the ‘afterlife’. Doodedoodo doodedoodoo (that’s the twilight zone music lol).
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  6. When I was a kid we used to live in a house that gave me the creeps. I often felt like someone was watching me, standing over my bed or see shadows move in my peripheral vision. My siblings and I started talking about our experiences and realized they were all very similar….we got so freaked that we started sleeping in the same room. Anyway, one day, we needed to get the house surveyed as it looked like its foundations were sinking a little…..Eventually we found out that the house had been built on an old cemetery site and that not all of the bodies had been recovered. Yeah….pretty freaky huh.
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    • Oh my god Kirri, that would totally feak me out! I’m guessing you moved out of that house pretty quick smart!?

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