Cool Daddy!

Miss Possum had been playing around with the palm frond I cut off to help display the wildlife pack giveaway on my other blog and she had taken it everywhere all day.

Golf man came home from playing (you guessed it) golf and Miss Possum looked him up and down. With palm front in hand she said ‘Daddy, are you hot? You’re all Sweaty!’

Without waiting for his reply, she started to fan Daddy with the palm front. We laughed and laughed. I had to get a snap.

Who’s a lucky Daddy?!


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  1. Why do we buy them toys? All we need to do is find them a palm frond or, in my boys’ case, a paper towel roll and they’re happy. Hope Golf man doesn’t expect this sort of pampering all the time, next he’ll be expecting his grapes peeled for him! ;-)
    Shelly recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: All’s QuietMy Profile

    • She throws grapes into his mouth if that counts as extra pampering. She loves doing it and laughs and laughs when he catches one in his mouth. Such cute Daddy and Daughter bonding sessions.

  2. Bahaha! Miss Possum is yet to learn that men do not need any help nurturing their egos. :)

    Seriously, father-daughter relationships are one of the loveliest things on earth.
    Vanessa recently posted..Kelly Green (Short Tale Tuesday)My Profile

    • Aren’t they! I just love seeing all my girls on top of daddy wrestling. In fact I love just sitting back and watching them play. It’s so nice to be the audience.

  3. Haha I love this… Show the creative side of children.
    tarah recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: My working boysMy Profile

    • I know, it’s amazing what they take from objects around the house, and what they know about them. I’m not sure where she picked up the idea to fan Daddy.

  4. hehe very cute! It’s bigger than her almost :)
    Cathy recently posted..All Ready for PackingMy Profile

  5. That is so cute. What a lovely family. Rachel x
    Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..And this little piggy went to market…My Profile

  6. Oh, bless Ms Possum! Look at that smile on her face! Love it, Penny!
    And I agree with Shelly. Why do we buy our children so many expensive toys when they’re just so happy with what’s around them.
    Grace recently posted..It’s that time of year…My Profile

    • I know. We are just as bad for buying things for Miss Possum. Really, we should be looking around the backyard more often!

  7. It’s the simple things isn’t it?! ;-)
    Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Winter WonderlandMy Profile

  8. Very cute Penny.
    Love the palm frond.
    Thanks for linking up
    Trish recently posted..Plant a tree on National Tree Day + {Bunnings $100 Giveaway}My Profile

  9. haha very cool!!!!

  10. How sweet!

  11. I always recogn the free toys are the best. Boxes, sticks from trees and stones all fall into that category
    Tamara recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 1 AugustMy Profile

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