It’s Free, It’s Fun and It’s Environmentally Friendly!

Miss Possum and I are trying to be more environmentally conscious. We’ve been making small changes but our new initiative is to reduce using newly bought wrapping paper and try wrapping presents in recycled products instead.  This was our first attempt and the outcome was amazing, stunning almost.

We have a steady supply of the products we used, so in the long run we will be saving quite a lot of money too!

Making the Stamp

I cut out a flower shape with some old cardboard from our recycle box. I stuck a little bit of folded cardboard on one side to use as a handle.

Stamping the Newspaper

This was easy. We just lay the newspaper on a flat surface, added some paint to the stamp and pressed the stamp down hard on the newspaper. Viola, colourful  flower-printed newspaper.

The Card

We’ve been recycling cards too. To make it similar to the recycled wrapping paper (I like when things match), we covered the old card in newspaper. I cut a piece of white paper in half (100% recycled of course) and glued one side to the cover and one on the inside of the card. Miss Poss planted a nice big flower in the middle of the white paper on the front cover.

The End Result

As you can see, it turned out perfectly. Other than being more delicate than newly bought wrapping paper, it made a big impression to the little girl who received the gift. The birthday girl ripped into all the presents covered with bought wrapping paper without a thought but when it came to Miss Possum’s recycled wrapping paper, she paused and had a good look at it and then took her time unwrapping it.

The visitors at the party were impressed too.

Here’s one we made for Golf Man’s Birthday.

Imagine the money we will save at Christmas! We’ve already started making the wrapping paper for that! Plus, Miss Possum loves the activity so I’m saving money, saving the environment and reducing child boredom!

Would you make recycled wrapping paper?

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  1. So lovely!! Both the post and your little girl. It looks like you both had so much fun. Thank you for sharing your ideas and family time :)
    Karen recently posted..Pendant Fun!My Profile

  2. Gorgeous idea! I love recycling when wrapping presents. I just use whatever I have in the house, and flowers from the garden. Sometimes the wrapping is better than the present itself!
    My 2 yo is also obsessed with wrapping. Every time she does a drawing, she rolls something up in it and says she is going to give it to {insert name here}.
    Popping by from IBOT.
    Zanni, Heart Mama recently posted..How to grow a childMy Profile

    • That’s a great way of doing it to Zanni. Smart little girl. I’m going to think of other things we can do to make it more coulourful too. Can you dye newspaper? Hmmm?

  3. Kim-Marie says:

    Oh, such a good idea. We did something like this once but it broke Boyo’s heart to see his paintings chopped up!
    Kim-Marie recently posted..High Tea with BoyoMy Profile

  4. She looks like she had a lot of fun :) Rachel x
    Rachel from Redcliffe Style recently posted..8 Necessary blogging toolsMy Profile

  5. Brilliant idea, I have used newspaper before as wrapping paper but never thought of painting it first. Which is funny because I use any large paintings that the girls bring home from school as wrapping paper. Or at least I did when they were in preschool and brought home lots of paintings
    Rhianna recently posted..I am not hereMy Profile

    • Yeah, I love this post. We had a great time doing it and it realy did make me feel good about doing something for the enviornment. I don’t think I’ll ever use new wrapping paper again!

  6. Fun! Always on the lookout for creative activities like this. My little one loves giving people things she created, so this is perfect!
    MsMandie recently posted..The Real Housewives Of Melbourne – Olympics EditionMy Profile

  7. Ok, u have motivated me for Christmas … I’ve never actually thought of being organized before. My daughter and I have often made cards and paper, I found it is a great way to express her creativity, save a few pennies, make it personal, and yes be environmentally friendly. Thank u x
    Bachelormum recently posted..Our children’s sense of belongingMy Profile

    • I know, Christmas is really just around the corner. I’ve already bought a lot of our Christmas presents so I can start wrapping them now. By the time it comes, I’ll have forgotten what I got each person though. I might get tempted to peak and make some more wrapping paper.

  8. I use to do that when I was lil for Christmas presents!!

    Definitely something I can do with my daughter now – thanks for the post and reminder of childhood!
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..whats the diagnosis?My Profile

  9. Great idea! I love how something so simple can be so effective!

    • I would have loved a recycled ribbion with it too but looking at these photos has made me realise it doesn’t really need it. It’s quite lovely on its own. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. This is an awesome idea! I used to keep rolls of butchers paper for this sort of thing, but I ran out of room!
    I do keep old wrapping paper thugn. Even if it isn’t pretty enough to be used again, character paper (like toy story, cars and things) is good for cutting out and gluing activities! I have a whole lot of disney princess paper for a rainy day activity for miss Ava.
    Jess@diaryofasahm recently posted..So You Want to Make Money From Blogging?My Profile

    • Great Post today Jess. It’s so good that you’re truthful. I’ve noticed a lot of new bloggers thinking its all going to bring thim money and glory.

      I love your idea of saving the wrapping a paper. Perhaps I could combine that idea with the newspaper. Less messy and gets Miss Possum practising her scissor skills.

  11. I’m always very impressed when someone gives us a handmade card or wrapping paper. It shows thought & consideration for the person in receipt of the gift. And if it teaches the kids (& adults) to be more environmentally aware then that is awesome. Thanks for the creative ideas (& the pictures!).
    Misha recently posted..MatadorMy Profile

    • I agree Misha. It really does show more effort and caring. I don’t think I’ll go back to buying wrapping paper now.

  12. This is right down my alley! I refuse to buy cards and the kids make all of ours. At present we use the paintings the kids make at childcare as wrapping paper but we will give this a try.
    workingwomenaus recently posted..The world WILL keep on spinningMy Profile

    • Cards are so expensive these days. I don’t know why anyone would buy a $5 card! Most get thrown away. Thanks for dropping by honey. Just so you know, I commented on your blog under my WildlifeFun4Kids blog. Oppsie!

  13. love it – looks like a great activity!

    Lyndal recently may sayMy Profile

  14. Very clever! I believe that gift cards and wrapping paper are a complete waste of money, they are mostly used once and thrown away. So most of the time, we make cards at home, and wrapping paper too. It’s more personalised and it’s fun for the kids, plus as you’ve said, it’s just a little bit to help the environment.
    Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Money can’t buy loveMy Profile

  15. We always recycle paper and gift bags and make our own cards but I haven’t tried newspaper…Sometimes I worry that people will think we are being ‘cheap’ but then I reflect on the few times I have received something wrapped in recycles paper or string and I actually appreciate the effort and the reasoning behind it. Your post made me realise that if I just put a box of supplies together, I will just do it auto-magically (Done!).
    kirri recently posted..Rockin Mamma interview with Nathalie BrownMy Profile

    • I didn’t ever really consider it cheap. I wonder why I’ve never thought of that before. Hmm, probably because I would love to get recycled wrapping paper with my gifts, I don’t know. My bestie hates bought wrapping paper and insists on recycled only. Perhaps it’s just made its way into my mindset to be more environmentally friendly and not care about the other factors.

      I bet you’d make some awesome wrapping paper Kirri!

  16. What a great idea! Now I only wish we had newspapers here more often! Beautiful work! :D x
    carmen recently posted..How to ask for a refund…My Profile

    • You don’t get newspapers often? Would you like me to send you sxome of ours. We get a local newspaper twice a week. I could sustain three households of wrapping a paper a year on that!

  17. Very cute idea. I have done similar although having actual newspaper in our house is very rare these days …
    Love the recycled card!
    Leanne@Deep Fried Fruit recently posted..Day 1039 – Australian Cheerleader MagazineMy Profile

  18. Love this idea! Actually I like wrapping with magazine papers because of the bold colours and designs but now I see how to beautify newspapers too. Makes sense ESP when wrapping a big present!
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Healthy Cooking with Tefal Non-stick Cookware #TefalSGMy Profile

    • Ooo why didn’t I think of magazine paper, oh probably because I never buy, magazines. Perhaps I can use junk mail though?

  19. That’s an awesome idea Penny. One year, when my kids were small we made Christmas wrap using brown paper and potato stamps. If I remember correctly, it was good fun (albeit a little messy) and the paper turned out fab.
    Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..On this day, in 1987My Profile

    • Yes, this is just as messy as potato stamps I think (I’ll have to try the potato stamp idea). Brown paper would be good too but I think the recycling aspect is what makes it for me.

    • Yes, this is just as messy as potato stamps I think (I’ll have to try the potato stamp idea). Brown paper would be good too but I think the recycling aspect is what makes it for me.

  20. Absolutely I would!
    We already use a lot of the paintings the boys do/did at kinder (except for the special ones)! They make the birthday person think it’s a painting done just for them!!
    I’ll be more than happy to continue that on with newspaper!
    Tracey recently posted..Things I Know ~ I Need A Cotton Pickin’ Minute!!My Profile

  21. We’ll definitely have to start using recycling paper this year at Christmas. The amount of wrapping we go through is ridiculous. And now the boys love to paint and draw, this’ll be a great way to get them involved in preparing for the festivities.
    Grace recently posted..FYBF – The bright and orange edition…My Profile

  22. Looks great! I love uniquely wrapped presents – and when they are made with love, they are even more special :)
    Cathy recently posted..Marilyn Monroe – Every WomanMy Profile

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