Red and Yellow

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Red was wise and witty too,

He didn’t like Green and he didn’t like Blue.

His best friend was Yellow, a hard-shelled treat.

A  plump M&M with two big white feet.


Yellow was kind and thoughtful to most.

The tastiest too but he never did boast.

His best friend was Red, who dominated the pair,

with his style, his wit and crimson derriere.


Yellow had a secret crush on Red,

He couldn’t explain it, it was all in his head.

He felt a stirring in his hard peanut heart.

He took a step closer not wanting to part.


A difficult situation had arisen between both,

A new love interest sprouting with growth.

Yellow had to admit it, he had to come clean,

Red was the most beautiful M&M that he’d seen.


Yellow leant in with loving eyes towards Red.

Red looked at Yellow with unappealing dread,

But just as Yellow went in for a kiss,

A sniff of Red made him feel quite amiss.


It wasn’t really Red that made him fall,

He changed he’s tactic, it wasn’t love at all.

Leaning in closer to worried-looking Red,

Yellow instead took a bite from his head.

Short Tale Tuesday

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  1. LOL! brilliant Penny xx
    Catherine Rodie Blagg @CoTaaB recently posted..Socks without partnersMy Profile

  2. Ha haaa! Awesome stuff Penny!
    Nearly spat out my cup of tea at ‘crimson derrière’!

    Love it! :)
    Tracey recently posted..Photo A Day August ~ Day 13My Profile

  3. Penny, you are brilliant! Wow! How on earth do you come up with all these ideas?!
    Kate @ Our Little Sins recently 83 | 100 Pantone postcards projectMy Profile

    • Ijust received something lovely in the post with my name spelt out in shiny splendour. Thank you again. Your letter is on its way too!

  4. Penny….This was too cute. My girls just woke up and I read it to them as a ‘morning story’ – They thought it started off really sweet and that the head-biting was hilarious (and totally unexpected).
    kirri recently posted..Stop beating yourself up!My Profile

  5. So funny. I will never look at my m&ms the same way. Poor red and his crimson derriere
    Happylan recently posted..Seeking SolaceMy Profile

  6. That is so many kinds of awesome Penny, I love it
    Rhianna recently posted..Silence, Noise and Angel ConnectionMy Profile

  7. Oh that was hilarious!
    I was wondering where this was going; a tale of extreme unrequited love.
    Between your post and Catherine’s today, I’m a mix of extremely horrified and amused!
    What a crack up!
    Jess@diaryofasahm recently posted..The Super Woman Myth MythMy Profile

    • So glad you enjoyed our posts Jess. I loved Cath’s, so funny! I hate rhyme (no I love writing it, just can’t get the meter right) so this week, I hate my post.

      I always look forward to your comments. Thanks so much for dropping by every week.

  8. That was awesome – I am glad that Yellow got the better of Red – he always seems to get the raw deal in the ads :)

  9. Awesome. Got my smile today :)
    Alicia O’Brien recently posted..The Wizard of OzMy Profile

  10. Yum!! M & Ms FTW! ;)
    I love peanut ones… shhhh don’t tell the other half!! :P x
    carmen recently posted..Time is fleeting…My Profile

  11. So brilliant – as always. You have a brilliant wit….and yes, my hand does get sore from drawing, but there are just too many ideas in my head :)

  12. Bahahaha! I will never look at M&M’s the same way ever again! Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it this morning :)
    Grace recently posted..Not Yet…My Profile

  13. Oh dear!

    I’m afraid I’ll never be able to look at them the same way again…

    Fantastic poem Penny, it just skipped off the screen. :)
    Vanessa recently posted..Forgotten: A MonologueMy Profile

  14. bwahaha!! Very,very witty Pen. I wondered where you were going with that! Loved the ending lol.
    Jacqui (CRAP Mamma) recently posted..The Being – Part 3 (The Chosen One) {Short Tale Tuesday}My Profile

    • I hate re reading this. There’s so many meter problems. I hate when I have a good idea but it doesn’t fully work out in rhyme. I love rhyme but it so, so hard to get right. Why?!

  15. Hahaha, that was great!
    Laureny recently posted..The Blue Eyed Stranger.My Profile

  16. Love it! So funny!
    Kylez…aka…Mrs.P recently posted..Pinning a 1st BirthdayMy Profile

  17. Haha! Fantastic! Mmmmm, M&Ms…
    MsMandie recently posted..The $1600 Glass Of Water?My Profile

  18. Very cute!
    Bachelormum recently posted..Music brings harmony to children’s mindsMy Profile

  19. hehe love this!!! I am munching on m&ms atm :P
    Yvette @ DTlilsquirts recently posted..Honeymoon Part 1My Profile

  20. I love a good limerick, this was incredibly clever! Love it, well done x
    Kelly @ HT and T recently posted..Sexuality: Nature V NurtureMy Profile

  21. How very creative! I’m always in awe of people who can write verses that rhyme… That’s something I’ve never been able to manage to do. Well done!
    Mum of Adult Kids recently posted..Excuse me sir, but you can’t sit thereMy Profile

  22. Nyahahahaha you are so clever!! I hate you! ;)
    Kristyn recently posted..Random thoughts while waiting for the vomitMy Profile

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