A Warming Read (Short Tale Tuesday)

Her heart filled with warmth as her first born shuffled backward and sat in her lap. Gabby’s little arms were tucked tightly against her sides and she wiggled in gently for a closer fit, for a connection only her mummy could provide.

All was quiet except for the pages being quietly turned and the rhythmic melody of the words being spoken out loud. She had read this book so many times, she couldn’t imagine it sounding any different, it was perfect this way. Gabby knew what to do and extended her arm and finger to flip the pages. Gabby knew this book well too.

Her voice started to rise to make for a theatrical ending. She paused, letting the expectation grow further. Gabby looked up at her, her eyes eagerly waiting for the sign. She nodded and Gabby quickly turned the last page. An assortment of brilliant colours hit their eyes and they both gasped.

‘She was a…’ she said to Gabby.

‘Beautiful butterfly!’ said Gabby.

They both let out a breath together. That ending couldn’t get any better!


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