We are all Mums in the wild.

Wild because having a family is a wild ride. Wild because with kids it’s a busy, wild life. And wild because sometimes we need to get away from that wild – off to the rainforest to soak up nature sounds instead of screaming children perhaps?

With a four-year old girl and one year old twins my house is where toys litter the floor and vines of clothing are strung around the house. I’m just like a scrub turkey, constantly picking things up and shuffling them back where they belong (oh, hold on, they do the opposite).

I’m more than just A Mum in the Wild though. I have dreams and I believe I have to escape that wild sometimes to keep my identity and stay a little sane. My little piece of quiet (or rarely so because I can still hear them through the door when Golf man is taking the lead) is to write.  I write my blogs (I have a blog dedicated to wildlife activities for children too) and write children’s picture books. I have no doubt that one day I will be a published Author but for now it’s a little hobby in the small times I get be me.

Short Tale Tuesday is a weekly prompt to continue honing my skills as a writer. They say to get better you must write more and read more, so I’d love if you’d join me on the journey too.

What’s wild about your life? What wild stories can you share with me? What are your wild dreams?