After a visit to a local market on Mother’s day, little Miss Possum had the choice of a pony ride, a hot chocolate or her face painted. Guess which one she chose. Since that day she’s been obsessed with face painting. It started with a dry paint brush, she’d paint my face with pretend paint and I would paint hers. I […]

*I’m not pregnant with twins anymore. They are now 20 months old. Here’s another look back at the emotions I was experiencing during my twin pregnancy. Once I’d had some time to get used to the idea of having twins, I decided I needed to do some research on the challenge I was faced with. I spent several […]

Are you a Stiff Blogger?

What’s a stiff blogger? I don’t really know, I just made it up. To me, it means that I can’t let the words flow without worrying questions creeping in and making my writing stiff and rigid. So, I’m a boring, over thinking blog writer. I know I am. I just don’t know how to stop my analysing thoughts […]