Speak To Me… Please!

I’m trying to keep this in perspective, but I’m concerned. I’m concerned because Miss Possum is now four and she is still struggling with speech, and as a result, struggling with friendships. She has friends; they just start to get frustrated with her because when speaking properly gets too hard for Miss Possum she instead […]

Surprise it’s Twins!

This was written the morning after I found out I was having twins. I thought I’d share the thoughts running through my head.   I’m in quite a state, not the kind that makes you act like a crazed cat woman of sorts but the kind that almost paralyses you mid-activity until you shake your […]

Cool Daddy!

Miss Possum had been playing around with the palm frond I cut off to help display the wildlife pack giveaway on my other blog and she had taken it everywhere all day. Golf man came home from playing (you guessed it) golf and Miss Possum looked him up and down. With palm front in hand she said ‘Daddy, are […]