I know it’s time for Short Tale Tuesday but this is not a fiction. This post had to be written sometime, even if I kept trying to fool myself out of it.  You could see me fooling myself only a couple of weeks go, where I wrote that I was going to share more,  I was going to post more.

But, I don’t have the time. I have two blogs (two blogs? What was I thinking!) Wildlife Fun 4 Kids and this one. Although I love my little nook here, I just don’t have time. I don’t have time because:

  • It’s so much work to have two identities online
  • My family needs me (and that’s more important than having another blog)
  • Wildlife Fun 4 Kids is going off and that makes me more busy

I want to have more time to:

  • Play with my family
  • Read books
  • Spend time with my best friends
  • Write

I can’t even imagine having both blogs going off. I’d have no time to have a real life and I’m on the computer enough with WF4K!

I love blogging. I love the community but it’s time I faced the truth. I can’t do it all. I just can’t. One has to go.

So, that brings me to Short Tale Tuesday. It will no longer run.  I am so going to miss the Stories of Brian and the The chosen One Series  but I hope you continue writing them. I will still be reading.

If anyone would like to take Short Tale Tuesday under their wing, please let me know. You can have the badge I created and take it where it really should go, rather than stagnating here.

Short Tale Tuesday

I’ll still keep my little domain alive and I may post randomly here and there but A Mum in the Wild is not my priority. There are more important things in my life right now ( like a 5 year old going to school next year and almost 2 year old twins).

So, I’m sorry to those who were excited about me having my own personal blog and who were wanting to know more about me as an individual and not as Ranger Penny but it’s not the right time.

Thanks for those who have linked up before and for all the wonderful supportive comment I received from the Diary of a SAHM IBOT team!

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She fiddled with the clasp on her bra and walked toward Andrew. ‘A little help?’ she asked him.

‘I can’t believe you still haven’t got the hang of doing up your own bra. You’ve had 20 years of practise!’ he said with a smirk on his face.

‘Don’t be stupid Andy; I didn’t have breasts when I was ten years old. I was a late bloomer alright, and I’ll never get use to these things on my chest.’

‘Well, I know them very well and they are lovely, even after kids!’

After hearing the clasp click, she readjusted her top and poked her tongue out at him. It was always easy with him.

He made her laugh; she would return the laugh with a grin and a sarcastic poke of the tongue. She couldn’t match his wit but she could still control him with her smile.

The problem was, she was getting older and she could see the wrinkles wedging their way into her forehead and the side of her eyes. Now even makeup wouldn’t hide them.  She wanted to be pretty forever. Why do we all end up as prunes anyway? She knew what her mother would say to that remark. The words crept into her head with the same stern but loving tone ‘Darling, it’s what inside that counts. Being vain will only hurt your pride when you’re older.’

She grabbed her bag from behind the study door and planted a kiss on Andrew’s cheek. ‘Bye darling, see you soon.’

‘Tell Izzy, that she’s not allowed to sleep over at Gran’s house anymore. I miss her too much.’

‘Ha! Tell her yourself when she gets home. Plus, I think that’s a lie, you didn’t look miserable once last night,’ she flashed him a cheeky smile and walked out the door.


* I haven’t finished this, obviously. It’s been a super busy week. The family (including myself have been ill), it was my 30th birthday on Sunday (noooooo!) and we’ve been having parties galore and even went whale watching yesterday. So, that’s my excuse. I’m just glad I found the time to write even if it’s half done. How’s your writing going?


Short Tale Tuesday


A Protective Tree (Short Tale Tuesday)

244 (400x268)

Rooted to his mineral plot he stood.

He was sturdy, strong and always a place to rest.

He felt useful and loved.

Day after day he would watch the animals of the forest move around him, a majestic parrot, a careless lizard, a determined and greedy possum.

He loved being the centre of their world, loved being a place to seek shelter, to seek shade and to seek protection.

He felt the familiar gust of wind on his lower Northern branch and searched through his leaves to spy the Eastern Rosella he loved so much.

This Rosella was a creature of habit. Every morning it would flitter to a halt on his branch, look east, north and then skyward, admiring the same splendid view.

The bark on his branch was being worn away from the Rosella’s claws but he didn’t care. It was a scar of adulation.

This morning the Rosella looked uncomfortable. Perhaps the Rosella isn’t well he thought and took another scan of the forest to see if all was well.

He felt an odd sensation on his branch and turned back to see if his little Rosella was okay.

When he saw the Rosella, his anger flared and he sharply flicked the bird off his perch with a shake of his limb.

The bird flew away, shocked at being evacuated from his favourite roost.

That will teach him thought the tree. ‘Filthy animal just shat on me!’

Short Tale Tuesday

Red and Yellow


Image Credit

Red was wise and witty too,

He didn’t like Green and he didn’t like Blue.

His best friend was Yellow, a hard-shelled treat.

A  plump M&M with two big white feet.


Yellow was kind and thoughtful to most.

The tastiest too but he never did boast.

His best friend was Red, who dominated the pair,

with his style, his wit and crimson derriere.


Yellow had a secret crush on Red,

He couldn’t explain it, it was all in his head.

He felt a stirring in his hard peanut heart.

He took a step closer not wanting to part.


A difficult situation had arisen between both,

A new love interest sprouting with growth.

Yellow had to admit it, he had to come clean,

Red was the most beautiful M&M that he’d seen.


Yellow leant in with loving eyes towards Red.

Red looked at Yellow with unappealing dread,

But just as Yellow went in for a kiss,

A sniff of Red made him feel quite amiss.


It wasn’t really Red that made him fall,

He changed he’s tactic, it wasn’t love at all.

Leaning in closer to worried-looking Red,

Yellow instead took a bite from his head.

Short Tale Tuesday

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Half Empty Bowl (Short Tale Tuesday)


She looked down at the almost half empty bowl in front of her.  Oh no, she’d eaten most of the toddler’s lunch. How did that happen? She’d only eaten a couple of spoonfuls. It was so good she couldn’t stop.  What was she going to feed them now? The thought of spending the afternoon with five hungry toddlers in the nursery room made her cringe.

She thought of the fridge, that could be her saviour. As she moved toward it she almost bowled over Caleb, her 21 month old shadow. She didn’t mind him following her all the time. He was her favourite. She didn’t mention that to any of the other staff though, favouritism was frowned upon.  They’d been trying for weeks to get Caleb to say his first word, before his parents did, but he hadn’t yet uttered a recognizable sound.

‘What are you doing here my little muffin man? I didn’t realise Ashley let you out with me. I’m getting your lunch ready. Spaghetti, yummy!’ She rubbed her tummy to show him that everything was fine.

She opened the fridge and bent down to take a quick look inside. The fridge was empty. All the lunches had been served to the other age groups. She felt her heart start to race. She looked back at the bowl on the kitchen counter. There was most certainly not enough spaghetti to go around.

She checked in the cupboards hoping the small stash of crackers had been replaced since last week. Perhaps she could think of a master chef style slap together. She fumbled with a few cupboards and shut them harder than she expected when she found them empty. Crap, she was going to be found out. She heard one of the toddlers from her room start to cry. Argh, Tommy was always the first one to sqwark. She noticed her hands getting sweaty and she rubbed them on her jeans. What would she do now?

She would just have to give up her own lunch. Ensuring she wouldn’t be seen, she moved to the staff room fridge and quietly whipped open the lid of her lunch box. Vegemite sandwiches and the delicious smelling chocolate cake she’d baked last night. It would have to do. She raced back into the kitchen and opened the sandwich. She put the reminder of the spaghetti puree on the bread, squished the two pieces of bread together and cut it up into five pizza style slices. It wasn’t a large portion but it would do. She added them all to the serving tray and brought it into the room with her. She looked back to make sure Caleb was still following her.

Just in time. Alicia had just finished putting the fourth toddler in his high chair.

‘They’re hungry monkeys today,’ Ashley said clicking in Ella’s high chair buckle.

‘Yeah, I could hear them from the kitchen,’ she said back.

‘Wow spaghetti sandwiches, that is different. Hold on, and chocolate cake? They hit the jackpot!’ Ashley looked like she was the next in line to devour the toddler’s lunch.

‘Yeah, well the chocolate cake was mine but I gave it up because they didn’t have enough food. The lunch company was very stingy today.’

She looked down at Caleb beside her and smiled at him. He’d seen the whole thing but she knew she was safe. She lifted him to his seat and sat him in his high chair.

‘They’re always stingy on Friday,’ Ashley said, handing out some food to the toddlers who were screaming the loudest.

She bit her lip and picked up a sandwich for Caleb.

‘There you go Caleb, spaghetti sandwiches, just for you,’ she gently placed the sandwich on his tray.

Caleb grabbed the sandwich in his hands and took a big bite. A wide grin extended towards his cheeks as he chewed. He opened his mouth and she could tell he was about to say something. She hoped  it was his usual babble but something in his facial expression told her otherwise. The game was up…

‘Yummy,’ Caleb said.

Both girls looked at him in shock.

She smiled at Caleb.

‘Yes, yummy, that’s right Caleb,’ she gave him a cheeky wink.

Perhaps devouring the toddler’s spaghetti puree wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Vegemite and spaghetti sandwiches would get Caleb to talk first, who knew!?

Short Tale Tuesday

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A Warming Read (Short Tale Tuesday)


Her heart filled with warmth as her first born shuffled backward and sat in her lap. Gabby’s little arms were tucked tightly against her sides and she wiggled in gently for a closer fit, for a connection only her mummy could provide.

All was quiet except for the pages being quietly turned and the rhythmic melody of the words being spoken out loud. She had read this book so many times, she couldn’t imagine it sounding any different, it was perfect this way. Gabby knew what to do and extended her arm and finger to flip the pages. Gabby knew this book well too.

Her voice started to rise to make for a theatrical ending. She paused, letting the expectation grow further. Gabby looked up at her, her eyes eagerly waiting for the sign. She nodded and Gabby quickly turned the last page. An assortment of brilliant colours hit their eyes and they both gasped.

‘She was a…’ she said to Gabby.

‘Beautiful butterfly!’ said Gabby.

They both let out a breath together. That ending couldn’t get any better!

Short Tale Tuesday

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The Birthing Suite – The Ending

twin short story (2)

Haven’t read part one and two? Start here.

As she slid back into consciousness, she wrestled the sheets and hit the bars of the hospital bed. A nurse would be in soon.  She vaguely remembered them pumping milk out of her breasts last time.  She didn’t even know they could do that while someone was only semi-conscious. Was that all she was to be now? A lactating cow, never to hold her babies again? And what happens when they decide the girls can go onto formula? She could move her limbs but they weren’t exactly working in time with the orders from her brain. She knew there would be no way she could sit up let alone escape.

Within minutes the next assault was upon her. The same nurse, who had taken her babies, appeared at her bedside and shined the torch in her eyes.  She started to thrash. No, no, no. Not again. It was too late.  She was driven further into a black void with every millilitre that was forced under her skin.


She opened her eyes slowly. Her head was resting on a pillow. The veil of fog had been lifted almost completely and her mind was clear enough to know not to move, to stay in that exact position lest they find her out. She couldn’t see anyone from where she lay, but she could hear light breathing. Someone was sitting at the end of the bed.

She wasn’t willing to risk another dose. Ensuring she made no sound, she carefully moved her head and looked down at her body. Her limbs weren’t strapped down but dark purple bruises stained her arms. Perhaps now, with her mind sharp, she could think about how to escape. The only option she could think of was to knock out the person sitting at the end of her bed, but she knew that would be impossible. She’d been lying in a hospital bed, probably for days, with a pretty potent drug keeping her there. There was no way her body would allow her to fight any time soon.

A noise startled her. She held her breath. She heard the noise again. A baby, she was sure there was a baby in the room. She sat bolt upright, not caring anymore if they held her down and put a needle through her flesh,  if she could just get a glimpse of her twins.

She froze, struggling to utter the word caught in her throat.


‘Yes, it’s me. Hello Melissa.’ The woman who looked so much like herself sat at the end of her bed, nursing her infant on her breast. It was almost like staring in to the mirror, except Marion’s hair was styled into a modern cut and she wasn’t dressed in a hospital robe.

‘Where are my girls?’ Melissa pleaded.

‘They are safe, I promise’ Marion paused. ‘I don’t have long but I’m so glad I was able to meet you.  Thank you for saving Alexandra’s life.’ She looked at the baby in her arms.

‘Uh, you’re welcome. Why are you here?’ She asked, feeling strangely calm.

‘I really needed to see you.  I found out about you a few years ago, although I think I had a suspicion earlier than that. There was a lot of whispering after I’d had a miscarriage and I remember overhearing my father talking about a twin. I only found out yesterday that your name was Melissa.’

‘What’s going to happen to me?’ Melissa asked.

Marion sighed. ‘Nothing, now. As soon as I was out of recovery, I demanded to see you and ensure you were safe. You saved my baby, after all. I wish things were different but they aren’t and it won’t be a happy ending if you don’t get out of here. I’ve arranged some transport for you.’ She paused and looked at the door.  ‘You might want to get away as soon as you’re able. You can’t trust anyone.’

‘I’m going home?’ She was stunned.

‘Yes, today. As much as I love my father, I don’t believe he always does the right thing. He will do whatever it takes to ensure you remain a secret, so you need to leave as soon as possible.’ She could see the dark sunken circles under Marion’s eyes.

Marion stood up abruptly, almost as though she’d been told to leave by an unseen force.

‘Good luck, Melissa, and thank you again.’ Marion moved towards the bed and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  She didn’t kiss Marion back but took a closer look at the bundled up newborn in her arms; her niece was the spitting image of her girls. Marion smiled and quickly walked out.

Now alone, Melissa moved her feet off the bed and although a little wobbly, she could stand.  She wanted to believe her sister but there was no certainty that she was telling the truth.  She did know that she wasn’t out of danger yet. She didn’t feel like she would ever be safe again. She saw that her hospital bag was still near the window sill and she opened it up. Someone had gone through it but she didn’t care. She took out some clothes and dressed herself, not worrying about her appearance.

A knock came at the door. She jumped. The whole time she’d been in the hospital no one had ever knocked.

She turned. ‘John?’

‘I’ve come to take you home.’ He came in and gave her a warm hug.

‘Oh, John,’ she hugged him back, breathing in the familiar smell of his aftershave. Her heart flowed on to his shirt, wetting it though. Finally she knew everything would be okay. He was here.

‘They have filled me in on what’s happening honey, I’ve been worried sick. They said you fainted and have been in the Intensive Care Unit for days. They wouldn’t let me talk to you. I wasn’t even allowed to see the girls.’

‘I have a lot to tell you but let’s get out of here first.’


She walked out of the hospital with John at her side, not knowing how she had gotten out of that situation, but thankful she had. The nurses were all very cooperative, too cooperative, but she wasn’t taking any chances. She knew she had to be quick just in case they changed their minds. She needed a good disguise and they needed to get a one way plane ticket to far, far away.

They secured the cubes in the car. She smiled. Her babies were safe and finally with her.

‘Is it okay if I drive?’  She asked.

‘Are you sure, honey?’ He looked concerned.

‘I need it. You know how it calms my nerves.’

‘Okay, just let me know if you need to swap back.’ He gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.


John shut her door like he always did and started moving around to the passenger side. Melissa turned the ignition, took one more look at the man she’d loved and put her foot on the accelerator. She looked in the review mirror as she sped away, leaving him standing alone in the hospital car park.

She knew John was involved somehow. There was no way the President’s elaborate deception about her identity could have been maintained without John being a part of the plan. That was why the nurses had let her leave, because she was safely being monitored.

Marion confirmed her suspicions when she thought back to their conversation, Marion had said that she’d organized her transport, an odd way to say her husband was coming to pick her up and she made a note of reminding Melissa not to trust anyone.

She knew Marion had done her a big favor. Thanks to her sister, her girls, her twins, would never be a part of their game. She accelerated, leaving everything she ever knew behind her.

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*Firstly, I want to thank my readers and commenters over the last three weeks. Thank you so much for pushing me to continue this tale and  write in a genre I’m not use to and thank you for your wonderful supportive comments.

*Secondly, I’m considering moving Short Tale Tuesday to a fortnightly linky. I just feel like I don’t get enough time to sit down and correct my writing the way I want to and I really want to become a better writer. The Birthing Suite was a great indication of how much better this little series could have been had I  given myself a bit more time to pursue character development and plot. Yes, I could have left it and worked on it but I’m so limited in time (three children under five and I work two days a week) that I would have had nothing to post for Short Tale Tuesday. For my wonderful, supportive linkers, I would love to know your thoughts on switching it to a fortnightly link up.

The Birthing Suite Continued (Short Tale Tuesday)

Twin short story

Haven’t read part one? Click here before you read on.

Melissa took a step back toward her children, almost as if she was trying to distance herself from the situation. A commotion outside the hospital room told her that more nurses stood outside the door.  Even if there was a good explanation for the girl in the tall, cylindrical tank – who looked the carbon copy of herself and had twin girls at the same developmental age – it didn’t leave her feeling any better. In fact she felt more anxious. She was trapped in a hospital with two newborns, no access to the outside world and a nurse telling stories that were very hard to swallow.

‘Someone needs to tell me what the hell is going on!’ she demanded of the nurse in front of her.

‘Melissa, she is your twin. I’m sorry that I’m the one to tell you this but you were adopted.’

‘Adopted?’ She didn’t want to believe the nurse’s story but something about it rang disturbingly true.

‘Your real mother is Abigail Lockland…’

She cut in. ‘The former first lady? You have got to be kidding.’

‘Hold on, let me finish. When the one child policy came in, your father had to be seen to be supporting it both politically and personally. Only one child. Yes, you and Marion were conceived naturally, but he was the president at the time. How could he enforce such a controversial policy with two little girls at his side? He had to give one of you up. No one knew about you except Dr Newson and now a few selective people in this hospital.’

‘So I’m the conspiracy? And my twin?’ She asked.

‘Like you, Marion had two miscarriages before she fell pregnant with twins. It’s obvious you’re identical, but it’s more than that. It’s almost like your bodies work the same way at the same time, even when it came to falling pregnant with twins. But then Marion’s twins stopped growing in the womb, the first time a disparity between the two of you has ever been noticed. We knew you had the same blood type, we knew we could help Marion’s unborn children and so your father, who still has a large say in the presidential under-takings, ordered to do whatever it takes.’

‘Even if it risked me and my children, right?’ She said, disgusted.

The nurse bit her lip and nodded.

She rubbed her temple. ‘So did they save them?’

The nurse shook her head. ‘Only one. They tried for both but when one baby was out and stable they let nature take the other one.’ She paused. ‘You are the lucky one Melissa, you’re not under public scrutiny. Because your girls were born naturally, you get to keep them. Marion is only allowed one because she is the former president’s daughter. She would have had to adopt the other one out had it survived.’

She felt sick. ‘So they killed the other baby.’

‘No, they…’

‘They let it die!’ She spat.

Her girls had been fussing but now they were starting to cry. She had to feed them.

‘See to your babies,’ said the nurse. ‘I’ll leave you and come back in a minute. Do you need help to get them on the pillow?’

‘Umm yes, thanks.’

Once she had them feeding and the nurse had gone, she felt even more vulnerable. She couldn’t contact John without asking the nurse to place the communication link. What was she going to do?

She had never seen the president’s daughter on television during the time he was in service, she knew her name though. They were obviously identical, so why didn’t she get asked if she was Marion? She guessed it was the small island she and her family lived on. Perhaps the whole island had been paid off? Her whole life had been a lie. Was John a lie too?

She could still hear murmuring outside her room, low whispering. She strained to listen and heard a familiar sound. A communication link had just been opened. She could hear two men in discussion, neither of them were John. Something serious was going on.

She looked down at her chest. The eldest had fallen asleep still attached, while the other had just pulled off and cuddled closer to her bare skin. Oh god, what was she going to do?

The heater automatically turned on when she carefully placed them back in their cubes. She’d forgotten about the power. She switched it off at the wall, then tucked the chord in underneath the cubes and grabbed an extra blanket to put over them.

She’d just started wheeling the cube toward the door when Dr Newson walked in. His stride was so authoritative and confidant that she stopped. Her legs felt if she took one more step they’d fail her. There was no way out.

‘You can’t leave, Melissa.’ Dr Newson said, first staring at the cubes and then back at her.

She tried to keep her voice steady. ‘I’m just going to see if I can open a link. I need to talk to John.’

‘I’m afraid we can’t let you do that.’ His eyes moved back to the cubes.

‘What? I can’t ring my own husband?’ She asked, her heart starting to race.

He took a step closer to her. ‘You look very distressed Melissa. I think you need this mild sedative to help calm yourself. The nurses will take care of your babies while you have a rest. You’ll want to keep up your strength. You are feeding twins.’

‘No! I will not take a mild sedative. I want to talk to John, now!’ She demanded holding back the tears that were threatening to spill.

‘I’m sorry, but it’s the President’s orders.’ He lunged forward and grabbed hold of her arm. She tried to twist away but he jabbed the needle in.

‘No!’ She screamed. ‘My babies, no!’

She fell to the floor, unable to move. She watched as the nurse came back in and wheeled her babies away.


Want to know how it ends? Read on here.

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The Birthing Suite (Short Tale Tuesday)

031 (400x268)

She was startled awake by the sound of a trolley being pushed through the hospital hall outside her room. It was still dark, but it’s never completely dark in a hospital.  She froze, a dream coming back to her, hard and raw. She glanced over at her twins, wrapped snuggly in their plastic cubes. She smiled, relieved to see they were okay. In the dream they hadn’t been.

Images and sounds rose up in her mind, unbidden. A nurse. A tiny blue tablet.

‘It’s okay, darling. You’ll be in labour tomorrow. We’ll just give you this mild sedative so you can sleep and have as much energy as possible for the birth. You’re going to need it.’

Her eyes squinted. It was weird that she had woken up just as she was in full-blown labour. John was only allowed in the birthing suite after she’d given birth.

Dull pain. A bright light overhead.

‘The babies are stable but we need to get her in the cryon liquid, now.’

‘We might not lose the infants this time.’

More images flashed in her mind, a montage of horrors. Images that filled her with fear. She knew it wasn’t a delusion. The images were too real. Too shocking. She needed to know the truth.

She slipped out of the bed and felt a warm trickle between her legs. Her hand grabbed the bed railing while she let the dizziness pass. She looked back at her girls; she’d be as fast as she could and make sure no one saw her.

After poking her head out of the doorway, she moved cautiously though the empty hall. The hem of her white gown whispered against her ankles as she moved, but her bare feet made no sound against the tiles. Letting the images lead her, she took a sharp turn to the right and then to the left. She came to a door. She knew she’d seen it before but she hadn’t given birth here, so what was this place?

She found the door ajar and slowly opened it. The room was dark except for a red light illuminating a  tall cylindrical tank in the middle of the room. She closed the door and moved closer to the source of the light. As she did, her stomach tightened. It was true.

In the tank was a human.

She already knew who it was.

It was her.

There was no mistaking the shape of her nose, the length of her neck. Everything about the woman in the tank was a perfect replica—except that her skin was transparent. Every organ could be seen working in time with each other. Her eyes moved down from the head but she knew what she would see next. Nestled inside the uterus were twins, healthy looking, hearts beating and ready to be born. She looked closer. Two girls. Repulsed, she stumbled backwards, tripping and landing hard on the cold floor. She gasped for air, like she was trying to remember how to breathe. This was wrong. What on earth was happening?

She ran back to her room, paying no attention to the noise she made this time. Her babies, she had to get back to her babies.  She set her eyes on them and, as though they felt her distress, they woke and started crying. She picked each one up, crooning softly to them until they settled. Thank god.

What had happened to her? Was the hospital cloning her and her babies? What are they going to do with them? She felt a strong urge to flee, get away from this awful place. She knew she couldn’t demand to know what was going on, she would put her babies and herself in greater risk. This was obviously illegal and against her will.

‘Is everything okay in here, darling?’ The nurse pushed her head through the door.

It was so unexpected; she couldn’t hide the panic in her voice.

‘Ahh, yes, thank you.’

The nurse put her hand over her mouth. ‘You know, don’t you?’


‘You do. It’s okay, Melissa, everything is going to be okay.’

She couldn’t hold fear back anymore. Her body went into defence mode.

‘No, it’s not going to be okay. You’re cloning me and my babies,’ she pulled the baby capsule trolley behind her putting her babies a protective distance away from the nurse.

‘Calm down, honey. We’re not doing that. The lady you saw wasn’t you but a different woman. She needed some of your placenta cells, so that we could save her babies.’

‘She is me. She looks exactly like me. She has my two baby girls. Do you think you can play god? What did you do to me?’ she cried.

‘It’s not you Melissa… It’s your twin sister.’

‘Twin sister? But I don’t have a…’

Suddenly she recalled part of the dream.

‘We might not lose the infants this time.’

‘Thank goodness we found her twin. The President will be very pleased.’

‘Yes, you do have a twin sister and you helped save her and her babies last night.’

She felt like a rat in a maze, lost and confused, with no clue where to turn for answers What the hell was going on? How could she have a twin sister? Where did the President come into this?

Would she ever know the truth?

Did she even want to know?


Want to read on? The story continues here.

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Social Media Socialite (Short Tale Tuesday)

social media

Click, click, scroll, click, click.


Scroll. Scroll. Click.


It’s pretty boring on here today.

I went shopping 2day and got the bestest shoes ever!


Yep, that’ll do, they were pretty awesome shoes. At least they’ll have something to read now.

Tap, tap, tap. Click.


Hmm, no likes yet but it’s only been a few minutes.

Huh? What? She’s having a party!? How did I not know about this, I’m one of her good friends. Maybe I’m not invited. Maybe she doesn’t want me there. Why wouldn’t she want me there? There must be a mistake.

Click, click. Nothing in the event calendar. Humph. That’s odd.

Click, click. Tap, tap, tap. Nothing in my email either. Maybe it’s just for family.

Click, click. No, there really isn’t anything in events, or my facebook inbox. Maybe I’m not invited! I’m one of her best friends. Why wouldn’t she invite me?!

Oh, there are some comments.

Ella is going. And so is Seth. What?!

I must have missed a text.

Bip, bip, bip, bip bip. Nope, nothing from her.

Perhaps I should text her.

Jemma, I’m just wondering if I was invited

Hi Jem, what’s been happening.

Hey Jem, what are you up to in two weeks’ time want to get together?

No, I’ll double check everything.

Click, Click, Click. Tap. Tap. Tap.


Click. Click. Shut down.


I can’t believe I’m not invited. I’m her best friend! What a cow! She could have at least told me if she didn’t like me anymore. What a crap way to do it. Well I get it Miss I-always-knew-you-were-a-snob.

Click, click, click, click, click.

Thanks for not inviting me to your party Jemma! I know when I’m not wanted. I always knew you were a snob.


Take that! I didn’t like her that much anyway.

Beep beep. Beep beep.

Oh a text. Gee, that was quick. What has she got to say for herself? Now all her friends on Facebook think she’s a cow too.


Did you check your letterbox Ashley? I mailed it two weeks ago!



My bad?!

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