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Sending you a big hug today honey.

Excuse my children for eating my thoughts.

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Children must get Dirty and So Should…

Kids getting dirty


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Ghostly Apparitions and Unworldly Prickles


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Now that I’ve set the mood…

A while back, when I was still breastfeeding the twins in the lounge room, with lights dimmed so I could only just make out the outline of the bouncers on the floor in front of me, my skin prickled. My eyes darted fearfully around the room, and I swore that some ghostly apparition was about to show themselves to me. I squinted into the darkness and then… nothing. Surely, if there was a ghost in my house, it would show itself in the middle of the night, amid silence that was complete save for the clock ticking in the other room. It didn’t, and to be honest, I was relieved.

Ghosts and the paranormal have always fascinated me. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve gotten myself so worked up by horror movies and You Tube videos of paranormal activity that I’ve had to sleep with the light on! Am I a believer? Perhaps. I’ve never officially met a ghost but I do get a skin-crawling sensation when I’m in a place where I think ghosts may reside.

One of the more frightening experiences was the ghost tour at Port Arthur, Tasmania. On top of viewing the eerie penitentiary by lamp light and walking into a basement used (in those days) as a place to disembowel dead bodies, the guide informed us that there’s a type of ghost that can hurt you. The poltergeist can actually inflict pain and pressure on your body. I barely slept a wink for the next fortnight!

I did have a small episode in our last home that can’t be completely explained either. I woke to find myself paralysed in my own bed, my arms crossed over my chest (nope, don’t usually sleep that way) and heard the drawer next to me fly open with force. Of course, I tried to convince myself at the time that it was my puppy (impossible, since he was just over the size of a tennis ball back then). Fortunately, my husband also heard the loud noise, so he didn’t think I was completely insane. There were no other unworldly stirrings after that so it must have been the wind … right?

Incidents like this have inspired a plethora of legends and myths. Ghost stories litter our cultural history, from campfire tales, to the apparition of Hamlet’s dead father, to Moaning Myrtle of the Harry Potter series. Why not enjoy the feeling of raised hairs, clammy palms and goose pimples.

So, have you met or experienced any ghostly visions or feelings? Come on, scare me!

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Did the Fondant Cake Cut it?

Pinkie pie cake 2

I’m a creative person, I can sing, I can dance and I can draw. I’m lucky really, I have a bunch of little talents, none that could ever bring me close to a professional level though (bummer!) but something is better than nothing, right?

When creating the cake for Miss Possum’s first birthday, I thought I’d be fine with it. I honestly thought I could put a decent cake together. The cake would be delicious and it would look spectacular.

I’ll freely admit that I wanted to impress other mums at the party (silly, I know).

Miss possum’s first birthday theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar and although I’d made some adorable decorations, the cake was a fizzler.

Okay, I know it wasn’t that bad but I was very disappointed with the outcome. It looked so much better in my head.

Bring it forward to her second birthday party, when she turned four, and I really wanted to lift my game. My own expectations told me I could do better. I was really scared about trying fondant but although messy, it was much easier than first anticipated!

I found this awesome marshmellow fondant recipe that’s not only delicious but it cuts corners like you wouldn’t believe (with three kids any corner cutting is a good, no, a great thing!)

So, it was a Pinkie Pie Party this year (not the new weird one but the old cute one) and I decided I’d throw myself into it.

I had a great recipe, tick.

I watched a heap of you tube clips, tick.

I bought some fondant equipment, tick.

I was ready to go.

Had I known I was going to develop this blog I probably would have taken photos of the mess, my house was covered in icing sugar. Even after a vacuum and mop there was still a wet, sugary sheen covering my tiles.

I’m not ashamed that I did a practise run. Here was the cake I made for Kindy.

And then, I really surpassed my own expectations and created this one for her birthday party.


I did tell you I was going to throw myself into it!

I did impress mums at the party (thanks for stroking my ego, girls) but the comment that really made me the happiest person alive was when Miss Possum said ‘Oh Mummy, I love it!’ with a big grin on her face.

Learning how to make a fondant decorated cake was not worth getting attention from other mums, high expectations of myself, or not. Really, the only reason I’ll be making spectacular cakes in future will be for another look at the joy on my little girls face.

When have you surpassed your expectations? Do you have any talents that come in handy?


Would You Put Your Face on the Line?

Child Face painting

After a visit to a local market on Mother’s day, little Miss Possum had the choice of a pony ride, a hot chocolate or her face painted. Guess which one she chose.

Since that day she’s been obsessed with face painting. It started with a dry paint brush, she’d paint my face with pretend paint and I would paint hers. I became a princess, tiger and ballerina over  and over and over. No paint in my hair. No washing required. It was quite relaxing, until….

I bought her some face paint!

I wasn’t the only one who put my face on the line either. Daddy did too!



Putting my face on the line was worth it. I’m sure I’ll be doing it over and over again.

Would you put your face on the line?

Owl Beanie Babies – Who says I’m not a Mum in the Wild?

Knitted owl beanie

They might be easy twins but they can go a little wild!  I found these adorable owl beanies at a twilight market. Do any of your children have cute wildlife clothing?

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