It’s Free, It’s Fun and It’s Environmentally Friendly!

Miss Possum and I are trying to be more environmentally conscious. We’ve been making small changes but our new initiative is to reduce using newly bought wrapping paper and try wrapping presents in recycled products instead.  This was our first attempt and the outcome was amazing, stunning almost.

We have a steady supply of the products we used, so in the long run we will be saving quite a lot of money too!

Making the Stamp

I cut out a flower shape with some old cardboard from our recycle box. I stuck a little bit of folded cardboard on one side to use as a handle.

Stamping the Newspaper

This was easy. We just lay the newspaper on a flat surface, added some paint to the stamp and pressed the stamp down hard on the newspaper. Viola, colourful  flower-printed newspaper.

The Card

We’ve been recycling cards too. To make it similar to the recycled wrapping paper (I like when things match), we covered the old card in newspaper. I cut a piece of white paper in half (100% recycled of course) and glued one side to the cover and one on the inside of the card. Miss Poss planted a nice big flower in the middle of the white paper on the front cover.

The End Result

As you can see, it turned out perfectly. Other than being more delicate than newly bought wrapping paper, it made a big impression to the little girl who received the gift. The birthday girl ripped into all the presents covered with bought wrapping paper without a thought but when it came to Miss Possum’s recycled wrapping paper, she paused and had a good look at it and then took her time unwrapping it.

The visitors at the party were impressed too.

Here’s one we made for Golf Man’s Birthday.

Imagine the money we will save at Christmas! We’ve already started making the wrapping paper for that! Plus, Miss Possum loves the activity so I’m saving money, saving the environment and reducing child boredom!

Would you make recycled wrapping paper?


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