She fiddled with the clasp on her bra and walked toward Andrew. ‘A little help?’ she asked him.

‘I can’t believe you still haven’t got the hang of doing up your own bra. You’ve had 20 years of practise!’ he said with a smirk on his face.

‘Don’t be stupid Andy; I didn’t have breasts when I was ten years old. I was a late bloomer alright, and I’ll never get use to these things on my chest.’

‘Well, I know them very well and they are lovely, even after kids!’

After hearing the clasp click, she readjusted her top and poked her tongue out at him. It was always easy with him.

He made her laugh; she would return the laugh with a grin and a sarcastic poke of the tongue. She couldn’t match his wit but she could still control him with her smile.

The problem was, she was getting older and she could see the wrinkles wedging their way into her forehead and the side of her eyes. Now even makeup wouldn’t hide them. She wanted to be pretty forever. Why do we all end up as prunes anyway? She knew what her mother would say to that remark. The words crept into her head with the same stern but loving tone ‘Darling, it’s what inside that counts. Being vain will only hurt your pride when you’re older.’

She grabbed her bag from behind the study door and planted a kiss on Andrew’s cheek. ‘Bye darling, see you soon.’

‘Tell Izzy, that she’s not allowed to sleep over at Gran’s house anymore. I miss her too much.’

‘Ha! Tell her yourself when she gets home. Plus, I think that’s a lie, you didn’t look miserable once last night,’ she flashed him a cheeky smile and walked out the door.

* I haven’t finished this, obviously. It’s been a super busy week. The family (including myself have been ill), it was my 30th birthday on Sunday (noooooo!) and we’ve been having parties galore and even went whale watching yesterday. So, that’s my excuse. I’m just glad I found the time to write even if it’s half done. How’s your writing going?


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