Red and Yellow


Red was wise and witty too,

He didn’t like Green and he didn’t like Blue.

His best friend was Yellow, a hard-shelled treat.

A  plump M&M with two big white feet.


Yellow was kind and thoughtful to most.

The tastiest too but he never did boast.

His best friend was Red, who dominated the pair,

with his style, his wit and crimson derriere.


Yellow had a secret crush on Red,

He couldn’t explain it, it was all in his head.

He felt a stirring in his hard peanut heart.

He took a step closer not wanting to part.


A difficult situation had arisen between both,

A new love interest sprouting with growth.

Yellow had to admit it, he had to come clean,

Red was the most beautiful M&M that he’d seen.


Yellow leant in with loving eyes towards Red.

Red looked at Yellow with unappealing dread,

But just as Yellow went in for a kiss,

A sniff of Red made him feel quite amiss.


It wasn’t really Red that made him fall,

He changed he’s tactic, it wasn’t love at all.

Leaning in closer to worried-looking Red,

Yellow instead took a bite from his head.


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