Speak To Me… Please!

I’m trying to keep this in perspective, but I’m concerned.

I’m concerned because Miss Possum is now four and she is still struggling with speech, and as a result, struggling with friendships. She has friends; they just start to get frustrated with her because when speaking properly gets too hard for Miss Possum she instead  starts to babble in what sounds like a combination of animals sounds (don’t say a thing), twisted English words and pig Latin.

In my head I’m Mother Gothel, ‘Rapunzel, enough with the mumbling already!’

I’m sick of those one-liners that everyone uses to try to make me feel better.

‘All of a sudden it will click.’

‘In no time you won’t be able to shut her up.’

‘Soon, she’ll just get it.’

Well, you’ve all been saying that for over two years and it still hasn’t ‘clicked.’

She’s going to school next year and although she is well advanced in every other learning area, how can she answer the questions if she can’t structure them properly? We’ve been down the road of a speech pathologist too but I was doing everything she suggested except getting the child to breathe through her nose once a day. And honestly, I’m not sure how breathing through your nose ten times before bed is going to help.  Can someone enlighten me?

The worry that comes with mummyhood sucks but I guess we wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t worry about our children.  It’s a bit of a self-pitying post today but I’m hoping you have suggestions, some hints, some help.

I already know I need to stick to the positives. After going back and reading my own post from the start, I noticed that I skimmed past the fact that Miss Possum is well advanced in all other learning areas. I should focus on this, it could be much worse.

And then, Mum in the Wild, think about those children who have severe speech disabilities. Now you should feel ashamed.

I guess it doesn’t matter how significant or insignificant our worries are. We all still get concerned for our children.  I think I’ll always be a worry wart but at least after writing this post I think I’ve found some perspective.

Do you worry a lot? Does your child have speech issues? What have you done to help?


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