Red and Yellow

  Red was wise and witty too, He didn’t like Green and he didn’t like Blue. His best friend was Yellow, a hard-shelled treat. A  plump M&M with two big white feet.   Yellow was kind and thoughtful to most. The tastiest too but he never did boast. His best friend was Red, who dominated the pair, with his […]

Rooted to his mineral plot he stood. He was sturdy, strong and always a place to rest. He felt useful and loved. Day after day he would watch the animals of the forest move around him, a majestic parrot, a careless lizard, a determined and greedy possum. He loved being the centre of their world, […]


She fiddled with the clasp on her bra and walked toward Andrew. ‘A little help?’ she asked him. ‘I can’t believe you still haven’t got the hang of doing up your own bra. You’ve had 20 years of practise!’ he said with a smirk on his face. ‘Don’t be stupid Andy; I didn’t have breasts […]


  I know it’s time for Short Tale Tuesday but this is not a fiction. This post had to be written sometime, even if I kept trying to fool myself out of it.  You could see me fooling myself only a couple of weeks go, where I wrote that I was going to share more,  […]

Speak To Me… Please!

I’m trying to keep this in perspective, but I’m concerned. I’m concerned because Miss Possum is now four and she is still struggling with speech, and as a result, struggling with friendships. She has friends; they just start to get frustrated with her because when speaking properly gets too hard for Miss Possum she instead […]

Surprise it’s Twins!

This was written the morning after I found out I was having twins. I thought I’d share the thoughts running through my head.   I’m in quite a state, not the kind that makes you act like a crazed cat woman of sorts but the kind that almost paralyses you mid-activity until you shake your […]

Cool Daddy!

Miss Possum had been playing around with the palm frond I cut off to help display the wildlife pack giveaway on my other blog and she had taken it everywhere all day. Golf man came home from playing (you guessed it) golf and Miss Possum looked him up and down. With palm front in hand she said ‘Daddy, are […]

If you haven’t met me before, I write picture books. I don’t illustrate. I like drawing but haven’t really had the opportunity or the time to do more. After going to a few classes on illustrating during the CYA Conference last week, I thought I’d move my rusty old hand and try a little sketch.  I tried illustrating one of […]

Are you a Stiff Blogger?

What’s a stiff blogger? I don’t really know, I just made it up. To me, it means that I can’t let the words flow without worrying questions creeping in and making my writing stiff and rigid. So, I’m a boring, over thinking blog writer. I know I am. I just don’t know how to stop my analysing thoughts […]

  For Miss Possum’s fifth birthday, a Rapunzel party was on the cards. Luckily, a quick look at Pinterest gave me all the inspiration I needed for decorations and games. I still needed to MAKE a cake though. Eeeep! I was dreading it. I knew I had outdone myself on the My Little Pony cake from last year but […]