Rapunzel Party: How to make a Rapunzel Cake Topper


For Miss Possum’s fifth birthday, a Rapunzel party was on the cards. Luckily, a quick look at Pinterest gave me all the inspiration I needed for decorations and games. I still needed to MAKE a cake though. Eeeep!

I was dreading it. I knew I had outdone myself on the My Little Pony cake from last year but trying to create a human figurine was going to be so much harder than a pony, right?

Well, it turned out not as bad as I thought. I was going to give it up at one stage, the dress just kept on sagging down and I  kept on pushing it upward, hoping it would start to set and keep its shape but in the end it did work out (thank goodness).

 Make Rapunzel for your cake:

  1. I made her head first. I just wanted to see if I could get it right before I continued with the whole figurine. I used this recipe for the fondant and used normal food colouring to get a nice skin colour. I just rolled the fondant around until there were no cracks or marks. I then added the eyes.
  2. I used four layers of fondant on each eye. For each layer, I pinched off a tiny bit of fondant and coloured it. I then, split it in two and rolled it around my fingertips until it made two small balls the same size. I then squashed it under my finger (you want the fondant as thin as possible here). I layered, white, then green, then black and then a smaller tiny white spot. I added them on top of each other using a little bit of wet icing sugar as glue. My eye lashes didn’t work so well but you can try using some of the black fondant to put them there like I did.
  3. I coloured Rapunzel’s cheeks with watered down food colouring, then when it was almost dry I dusted them with dry icing sugar and did it again until I got the desired colour.
  4. Next, I used the blunt side of the knife to make the indent of the smile.
  5. I set her head aside to dry
  6. Next for the dress. This is a bit of a blurr because it didn’t work out great. I just smoothed out sections and added piece by piece. I made the shape of the dress first, and also added a neck to the top. I then added a different coloured section around the shape and  added the ties and bow. This was hard work. You’ll just need to make the fondant thin and roll it out.
  7. The puffy sleeves were made just by rolling a ball and then using the blunt end of a knife to add the folds. I then stuck on the arm and hand shapes (using the wet icing sugar as glue again).
  8. I decorated the dress with the little chocolate balls you find in the decoration section of your super market.
  9. I gave them all a day to dry out before I put them all together on the cake.
  10. I sat the figurine on the cake and made the hair. The hair was the easiest part for me. I coloured some fondant yellow, rolled it out, cut it into slithers similar to but slightly wider than fettuccine pasta. Then I just placed one end on the head and twirled the strand where I wanted it to sit.  Easy!

I just wish I’d done a tutorial for you in pictures. It would have been easier to explain. However, if you saw the mess that icing sugar makes to your kitchen, you may have given up trying altogether!

As you can see, she was one happy little girl!

Here are some other pictures from the party too.

Rapunzel Party Decorations

Just after this sign, through the door, I had a hoola hoop with crepe paper stream down from it. The children had to walk through it to get to the party outside.

You can download this free Rapunzel bunting printable here. I pasted them onto cardboard and then cut them out. I stapled them to some string and viola, lovely!

We used purple lanterns to decorate the table and used three balls of yellow wool to make a long platt to decorate the table.

All and all it was a lovely party and one, I know, Miss Poss will always remember!


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